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Pre-Loading is now live on all platforms!

Posted on Mar 12th 2024 08:17:59 in Announcements, Collection, Updates

You can now pre-load the Collection on all platforms!

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Classic Collection Launch Trailer Out Now!

Posted on Mar 7th 2024 06:44:25 in Game News, Collection

With one week to go until the launch of the Collection Aspyr has posted the Launch Trailer!

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Check out the Archives for some Nostalgic BFC History!

Posted on Mar 5th 2024 13:43:32 in PlayStation 2, Competition, Announcements

The Archives have been updated with the seasons in the first league of The Battlefront Community.

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A Wishlist for the Star Wars: Battlefront Collection

Posted on Feb 26th 2024 09:49:42 in Opinion, Collection, Articles

A simple wishlist for what I'd love to see in the Star Wars: Battlefront Collection.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Announced for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, and PC!

Posted on Feb 21st 2024 16:47:29 in Game News, Collection, Announcements

An enhanced port of the original Star Wars: Battlefront games will release on March 14th on all platforms!

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